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CH Shamrock's Cranberry Tiger, "JJ"From as far back as I can remember, I loved animals -- especially horses and dogs. But, because I grew up in an apartment in New York City, my "menagerie" was limited to cats and birds. When it came to dogs and horses, I had to be content with painting them, and I did so with a passion from a very early age.

My fascination with Shetland Sheepdogs began when I was introduced to a friend's Sheltie, a smaller version of "Lassie", whose beauty and loyalty were so endearing. I became interested in breeding and showing Shelties after buying my first pet dog from a show breeder. Her stories of show weekends and exciting wins heightened my interest and led to the acquisition of my first show/breeding prospect in 1986, a bitch named Aislinn's Lyrical Shamrock. "Colleen" became the dam of my first champion, "JJ" (above left) -- CH Shamrock's Cranberry Tiger.

CH Shamrock's Joy, "Joy"Our kennel, when we raised shelties was known as Shamrock Shelties, a small hobby kennel in Maine andCH Shamrock's Cheerleader, "Mandy" because my interest lies more in painting dogs than breeding them, we raised very few litters.  Through the years we have finished four champions, all of whom were owner handled, since beginning our breeding program.  Our first show dogs were CH Shamrock's Cranberry Tiger (top  of page);  Ch. Shamrock's Joy (left); "Joy's" daughter, CH Shamrock's Cheerleader, "Mandy" (right); and  Ch Bone-Afide Shamrock (below left),  a "JJ" daughter. "CC" came to us as a puppy through the generosity of her breeder, Janet Gregory (Bone-Afide). 

  CH Bone-Afide Shamrock, "CC"


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When I first became interested in showing and breeding Shelties, I "hit the books" in an effort to educate myself about the breed I had come to love. This meant studying everything I could find, including beautiful photographs of the breed's "greats." I couldn't resist drawing these dogs, and I began bringing these drawings to my first show outings. Before long, other breeders and exhibitors began commissioning me to do portraits of their dogs. For well over 20 years now, I have delighted in the many beautiful subjects I have been given the opportunity to capture in pen & ink drawings, pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics and on wooden kennel signs.

I have been honored that several Sheltie clubs have purchased my artwork as specialty show trophies. Clubs have used packets of my notecards and art magnets as useful but inexpensive awards for class placements; while custom portraits and kennel signs have been given to dogs awarded Winners, Reserve Winners and Best of Breed. I also designed five logos for the American Shetland Sheepdog National Annual Specialties -- one in 1995, held in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and hosted by the Western Massachusetts Shetland Sheepdog Club, the logo for the 2007 National which was hosted by the Pacific Northwest Shetland Sheepdog Club in Washington State, the 2009 National which was held in Georgia, another held in St. Louis (2014) and my most recent logo to be used for the 2015 National being held in Virginia.  Over the border, I was commissioned to do the logo for the Sheltie Canadian National cluster which was held in May, 2008.  In addition, I have been honored that the American Pomeranian Club chose my artwork to be the logo for their 2007 National held in Kentucky and the American Belgian Tervuren Club commissioned me to design the logo for their 2009 National which was held in Rhode Island as well as a breed standard life sized sign to be used to welcome exhibitors.  Also, watch for the logo being used by Linda Churchill, respected judge/breeder mentor, for use in her "Sailing Through The Sheltie Standard" seminars.  In addition, The National Gloster Canary Club based in Massachusetts commissions me every year to do paintings of the top winning birds at their annual National Specialty.

I am a "self-taught" artist and what I lack in formal training I have made up in studying famous works, reading with insatiable enthusiasm and keeping current in the Art World.  I feel my talent is "God-given", polished by much practice, discipline and dedication.  My reward for hard work is the ability to touch people's heart through my art and be able to paint and sell my paintings full-time.


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