Needle Crafting is a relatively new venture for me - I found another love!  Each pup is meticulously crafted to come as close as possible to a true

representation of your special dog. They are crafted out of wool entirely by hand. They are tedious to create and as such

require pre-ordering. Depending on the number of orders at a given time, the time frame for completion is sometimes several months to a year.

So if you can be patient, I will be happy to reserve a spot for you!



** NOTE: Due to the number of orders I've received, I will not be accepting new commissions until
 I get caught up with current orders and will place a notice on this page when I am once again
able to do so.




The approximate size of these very life-like

"tiny" dogs is 4 to 5+ inches depending on shape and composition.



This is how ordering works. . .



When I am once again able to accept new commissions (please check my page for an update with that info), 

please send me an email - with your request after which I will respond with a price quote and approximate

 time frame for completion. When I am ready to start your "tiny" I will email you requesting photos of your dog from all angles

 to insure that I get markings as close as I can to your dog.  I will require a $75 deposit at that time with the balance due at the

 time of completion. You will be sent images of the final creation when I am all done! 


As soon as I receive full payment, I will ship your little dog ASAP!



Prices for custom dogs are based on complexity and start at $160 (for the tiniest of breeds, 

most others will be in the $250 price range). Priority postage and insurance are additional.



That's it!















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